5 Vegan-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas

Year after year, we try to find meaningful gifts for our loved ones, and it turns out there are only so many sweaters and candles we can give. Finding gifts that are also kind to the planet becomes doubly challenging. Whether the person you have in mind is living that sweet plant-based life, or you yourself just want to optimize your ethical spending this holiday season, here are some vegan-friendly gift ideas that are sure to surprise.

1. Reusable Straws
Our crew of Coconut Cloud connoisseurs always loves a good drink (if you couldn’t already tell!), and reusable straws are a great way to minimize your environmental impact no matter what you’re sipping on.

Pictured: Instagram user @ashleysabundance and her recipe for a tropical green smoothie using our vegan Coconut Cloud Original Coffee Creamer.

2. Vegan Snack Basket
This one’s a pretty simple twist on a holiday icon: the gift basket. You can customize a gift basket any way you want and provide snackz for dayzzz. We recommend some of our vegan hot cocoa mix to warm the frosty holiday nights and some tried and true coconut cashew granola from our friends at Wildway. You could do just about anything here.

3. Spiralizer
Vegans. Love. Veggies. Who knew? Veggie fanatics may know that you can turn vegetables like zucchini into gluten-free noodle substitutes called zoodles. Pair your zoodles with some creative vegan pasta recipes like our pumpkin pesto pasta or our veggie loaded pasta primavera.

Or, you know. You could make curly fries. 

Pictured: Spiralizer from Amazon

4. Vegan Hot Chocolate Mason Jar
Pair vegan hot chocolate with some vegan marshmallows. Put that in a mason jar, tie a ribbon, and save any leftover hot chocolate for yourself. *wink*

Pictured: Dandies’ Vegan Pumpkin Spice Hot Cocoa. Dandies made their own dry hot cocoa mix recipe, but we’ve taken the work out of that for you with our own Coconut Cloud Dairy-Free Vegan Instant Hot Cocoa Mix.

5. DIY Ceramics
Let’s get ready to rum-bowlllllll! We use Coconut Cloud creamer a LOT for things beyond coffee (smoothies, smoothie bowls, etc.), and we’ve learned that we often eat with our eyes first. If you have a ceramics studio by you, glazing a bowl or mug specifically for your loved one is a really cute gift that’s both useful and personalized.

Pictured: Our vegan Morning Matcha Superfood Bowl