Turmeric Ginger Coconut Cloud Latte Drink Mix – 7oz


Turmeric Ginger Coconut Cloud Latte Drink Mix – 7oz

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About the product

  • 100% VEGAN TURMERIC GINGER GOLDEN MILK LATTE – Made from dried coconut milk, real turmeric, black pepper, and a hint of coconut sugar.
  • **NEW AND IMPROVED FORMULA! We heard you! and have mellowed our formula to be a bit less spicy, with the addition of cinnamon and smooth, delicious vanilla. Give us another try!
  • JUST ADD WATER – An easy-to-make golden milk latte right at home; just add hot water.
  • JUNK FREE – NO toxic chemicals, NO carrageenan, NO titanium dioxide
  • NON-GMO, SOY FREE, GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE, AND VEGAN – 100% satisfying and tasty!

Product Description

Flavor: Turmeric Ginger

Coconut Cloud Turmeric Ginger Latte Drink Mix

Create your very own warm spiced golden milk latte at home with this easy-to-use Coconut Cloud Drink Mix. Packed with over one teaspoon of 100% real turmeric in each serving, it is a great way to kick start your morning. A dash of black pepper is added for optimized body absorption. Turmeric and ginger have been shown to have multiple health benefits and serve as anti-inflammatories and sleep aids.

This Turmeric Ginger Golden Milk Latte contains powerful ingredients including Turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, coconut sugar and vanilla flavor.

Have you been looking for an alternative to the bevy of assorted coffee drinks, creamers, and teas on the market? Needing something with a little extra flavor while keeping your healthy lifestyle in check? This is your answer. Try some today!