Coconut Cloud Original Dried Coconut Milk Creamer


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Discover the wholesome goodness of coconuts with our 100% dairy-free Coconut Cloud Original. Made from sustainably harvested coconuts and packed with energizing MCT oil powder, this creamer is the ultimate choice to elevate your morning cup of joe. Whether you're a dairy-free devotee or trying to be a more conscientious consumer, you're sure to love the light and delicious taste of this coconut creamer!




Our powdered coconut creamers have up to a 24 month year shelf life and require ZERO refrigeration, so you can take it with you anywhere!

coconut powder coffee creamer

One of our favorite ways to use Coconut Cloud is to blend it with coffee, and Coconut Karma Portable Coconut Oil and you've got a power coffee to get you going.




Coconut Cloud On-the-Go!

If you're a busy mom, corporate traveler, or simply always on-the-go, check out our convenient stick bags - just throw a few in your bag and you're on your way!


Nutritional Information


But wait, there's more!

In addition to enhancing your morning beverages, Coconut Cloud can be used to make coconut milk when reconstituted with hot water - ideal for making your favorite baked goods, curries, or some hearty overnight oats! Check out our recipes for inspiration!

Here's your cheat sheet:

3 TBS Coconut Cloud mixed with 8 oz. warm water = 1 cup light coconut milk

4 TBS Coconut Cloud mixed with 8 oz. warm water = 1 cup full fat coconut milk


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